Florida Supreme Court say Floridians Need Protection From 800 Referral Services

The Florida Supreme Court rejected the Florida Bar’s recommendations restricting for profit so- called 800# referral services. Florida’s top court said the Bar did not go far enough to protect the citizens of Florida from these clear conflict of interest services.


The US Government Admits Chiropractic is Best Treatment for Whiplash

The US Department of Health and Humans Services has issued guidelines for the treatment of Whiplash through the AHRQs National Guideline Clearinghouse. See the Guidelines here.

These are by far the most extensive guidelines issued by the government with regardless to chiropractic and whiplash treatment. Once again it proves the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment.

What makes us different?

Recently Dr. Eric Thompson of Oakleaf Family Chiropractic (part of the Help4Jax Network) referred a patient out for an MRI. Our network uses the newest MRI protocols. Without using these protocols, a typical MRI of this patient would have been normal. No cervical disc herniation or even disc bulge. However, this MRI showed extensive upper neck ligament damage and a serious brain herniation. Dr. Thompson referred this patient to a neurosurgeon. This patient is getting the treatment they need. To all the doctors in our network, patients mean more to us than an Insurance Claim Number…they are our neighborsImage